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How To Drive in Snow and Ice

05/12/2018 15:14

How To Drive in Snow and IceHow To Drive in Snow and Ice

While we haven’t seen any yet, it won’t be long before the snow and ice makes an appearance now that the mercury is dropping! Make sure you read our tips on how to drive your vehicle so you can get safely from A to B!


Manual Vehicles

If you drive a manual car, there are a few things to remember;

  • Pull away in second gear, easing your foot off the clutch to avoid wheel spin
  • If you are going downhill, stay in a low gear and try to avoid braking
  • Dropping gears instead of braking can help prevent skidding


Automatic Vehicles

If you drive an automatic vehicle, these are good points to take onboard;

  • Some automatic cars have a ‘Winter Mode’ so check your handbook
  • Some come with L,2 or +/- to allow drivers to change to a higher or lower gear in snowy conditions
  • Take extra care


Checks and Maintenance

Take time to check the following;

  • Headlights
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Tyres
  • Fluid levels
  • Anti-freeze levels
  • Supplies in your car like non-perishable food, water, warm clothing, a torch, a first aid kit and a scraper, to name a few!



  • Get up ten minutes earlier to give you time to de-ice your car
  • Have sunglasses in your car to protect your visibility from low sun dazzle
  • Make sure your wipers are switched off when leaving the car. If they freeze overnight and you switch the engine back on, it could cause damage to the blades or fuse
  • Clear snow from your roof and windows – failure to do so could land you a fine and points on your license
  • Use a cigarette lighter to warm up a key if the lock is frozen
  • Wear comfortable, dry shoes!
  • If you get stuck, straighten your tyres and dig out the excess snow. Use a sack or old rug to help the tyres gain traction
  • Make sure your phone is charger, or you have a charger in the car, and that you have your breakdown service number stored in your phone
  • Keep your car clean – the salt on the roads can cause corrosion if left too long
  • If in doubt, postpone your trip!


You can book in for a service to make sure your car is winter ready! For more info, click here