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The Most Spine-Chilling Roads in the UK

30/10/2018 16:43

The Most Spine-Chilling Roads in the UKThe Most Spine-Chilling Roads in the UK

Tis’ the season to be spooky and what better way than to go for a creepy drive along some of the UK’s most haunted roads? Read on to find out if there is one near you…fancy a road trip??




The A75 in Dumfriesshire, Scotland

Known as the 'most haunted road in Scotland’, you need to be pretty brave to venture along here. Lots of sightings of screaming hags, phantoms with no eyes, parades of ghostly figures walking up and down and terrifying, ghostly creatures has shaken many, with accounts of drivers running people over to find no trace of a body…


The A616 Stocksbridge Bypass in Yorkshire

Stocksbridge Bypass has certainly contributed to the paranormal community with it's spooky goings on! There is a local legend that a monk was buried on unconsecrated ground after falling out with his religion many, many years previous. Sometimes he will even hitch a lift in the passenger seat of a car. Yikes!


The B1249 between Driffield and Staxton Hill, East Riding

In the 1960s, an author named Charles Christian recorded a werewolf sighting on the B1249. He described how a lorry driver was completely horrified after experiencing a red-eyed hairy creature trying to break through the windscreen of his lorry! A little more recently, in August 2016, a motorist claimed to have seen a ‘a big dog, probably bigger than my car, but it had a human face’. K, bye!


The A3 in Surrey

In 2002, Surrey Police received calls reporting that a car swerved off the A3 just before the slip road. When the police arrived, they could not find any evidence of an incident and while investigating the area on foot, the police finally found a vehicle nose down in a ditch nearby and unfortunately, the driver had not survived.

The twist? After forensic examination, it was announced that the driver had in fact been dead for 5 months! I'm out.


The A696, near Belsay in Northumberland

In 2015, Rob Davis and Chris Felton encountered a ghostly apparition whilst travelling along the A696. They both say they saw a man dressed in RAF gear, hitchhiking at the side of the road and even managed to capture him for a split second on video, but when they drove back, he had vanished!

When they looked into the area a little closer, the men discovered that an air force jet crashed very close by, during the Second World War. Not just a coincidence then…


The B3212 between Dunsford and Yelverton, through Dartmoor

Those who are familiar with this road will have heard the legend of the malevolent Hairy Hands! Since around 1910, there have been lots of reports of drivers and cyclists swerving off road, claiming that something had taken control of the vehicle. There have even been sighting of a pair of hairy hands taking the wheel before an accident however local sceptics say its merely a case of people taking unfamiliar roads too quickly and losing control…would you risk it?


The A229 between Maidstone and Chatham

Last but by no means least, the A229 or Blue Bell Hill as it’s known, is a carriageway with a blood-curdling reputation. In 1965, bride-to-be Suzanne Browne was killed with two friends on the eve of her wedding, and since then people have reported seeing a woman at the side of the road in a wedding dress who disappears into thin air. Other spectres have also been sighted including phantasmic pedestrians, spectral hitchhikers and seemingly corporeal victims who are hit by cars and then vanish. Talk about chilling!


Thanks for reading, we recommend some warm milk and happy thoughts.